Funerals and Celebrations of life

The loss of a loved one is a heavy and difficult burden to bear; I will guide you every step of the way. I would love to hear their story and learn about their life and achievements. Sharing their life story in their final journey and making it a true and poignant reflection of their life and legacy is for me my greatest honour and tribute to them.


Giving your loved one a dignified and respectful farewell that reflects their personality is nothing less than they nor you deserve. I will be there to help you through this upsetting and difficult time. We will work through this together step by step to create a unique and meaningful ceremony.

We will have an initial telephone conversation to arrange a suitable time to meet either face to face, arrange a video call or via telephone whichever method you feel most comfortable with. I will spend as much time with you as needed to ensure the ceremony is how you and your loved one would have wanted it to be..

We will start at the beginning and together work our way through their life. We will recognise any hobbies, quirks or special relationships they had. We will turn the ceremony into a celebration of their life, honouring their achievements. I will share their story of all that was so very special about them, remembering the happiest of times together and memories that have been made. It will be my honour to deliver the celebration of your loved ones life. The ceremony can include favourite readings/poems, music, a video montage of photographic memories and can include any religious elements or rituals you choose.

I will send a draft service over before the ceremony to give you time to review and ensure you are happy with its content and what will happen on the day.

Price is £225 for burial or cremation.


Memorial Service

A memorial service is very similar to the process detailed above but can be held in any setting of your choosing. This would be a celebration of your loved ones life without a cremation or burial.

It can be held at a graveside, at your family home or maybe your loved ones favourite or special location. We can make it a peaceful service without any religious content or it could be themed to represent your loved ones personality. There are many options to make your loved ones memorial unique and special to them. Together we can arrange a memorial that is a fitting tribute to them and their life.

Price is £225

Scattering of Ashes - Internment

This can bring closure to your loved ones family and friends. Scattering your loved ones ashes in a permanent place at a location of special meaning to your loved one for example on the beach, in a river or a graveyard. This can be included within the memorial service for the same fee or if you require a separate stand-alone service the fee is £95.